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Yunnan, on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, in the southwest part of China, lying just below the Tibetan Plateau and abutting Vietnam, Laos, and Burma, is a mysterious land of great natural beauty. Yunnan has a unique array of fascinating ecotourist resources, including snow-capped mountains and glaciers all year round, lakes and hot springs, alpine landscapes, primeval temperate woodlands, and tropical forests where elephants and monkeys roam.

Da Nang

Vietnam is a beautiful country of shimmering paddy fields, sugar white beaches, full-tilt cities, and venerable pagodas. It occupies a narrow strip of land that hugs the eastern borders of Cambodia and Laos, hemmed in by rugged mountains to the west, and by the South China Sea. It fantails out into the spectacular deltas of the Red River and the Mekong, and it’s in these regions that you’ll encounter the paddy fields, dragonflies, buffaloes, and conical-hatted farmers that constitute the classic image of Vietnam. You’re not limited to these Heritage Sites though because the city of Ho Chi Minh is considered one the busiest cities in South East Asia and a favorite among travel enthusiasts for its sights, sounds, and cuisine!

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