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If you have your own ideas and preferences to planning a trip, we are able to help you to customize one. According to your schedule, spefific needs and budget. We can design a private trip for you, your family or friends.

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best tailor-made destinations

Cherry Blossoms Japan

Anyone who’s ever eaten sushi or watched anime have, at one point or another, dreamed to visit the majestic land of the rising sun where, it seems, you are only limited by your own imagination. It is a country that thrives in contrast of traditional and modern – where ancient beliefs and customs are mixed up with cutting edge technology and quirky, futuristic fashions. The sights and sites of Japan are every traveler’s dream – hiking the Japanese Alps, jumping in the fresh snow of the northern ski resorts, discovering its many coral reefs, staying in a Ryokan (traditional Japanese inn), sitting in a robe on tatami (woven floor mat), skinny dipping with strangers in an onsen (hot spring), and so much more are the activities you can experience. The country is full of cultural sites and attractions plus they have major cities that can compete with some of the biggest and most colorful in the world. Don’t forget Japanese cuisine – one of the world’s most interesting and popular is a must-try, of course, because where else can you get all that authenticity?

Temple of Heaven

With a history that is more than 3 millennia, Beijing is an amazing mix of old and new where ancient and modern China meet; where its ancient sites are just as well-known as its modern architecture. For centuries, Beijing has been the center for cultural and business activities and is today, beyond doubt, a truly world class and international city. No matter how many times you have visited, you will surprised at the discoveries the city has to offer.

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