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Phuket Island is a stunning combination of golden beaches, turquoise seas, green hills, mangroves and rainforest. Phuket lies in the Andaman Sea surrounded by beautiful islets and to the northeast, the stunning limestone outcrops of Phang Nga Bay. Add to this the friendly people, varied cuisine, tropical climate and range of amenities and you have an ideal destination for a holiday or long term stay.

Phuket has a tropical monsoonal climate. It's warm all year round, but the two periods of April-May and September-October are the hottest. The September-October period is also the wettest due to the southwest monsoon. Phuket is blessed by being in a temperate zone. Even though typhoons and tropical storms occasionally batter Hong Kong and the Philippines, Phuket enjoys mild weather and while the heavier rains in September and October can disrupt things a little, it's rare that the island has several consecutive days of heavy rain.


  • Visit the Phang Nga Bay
  • Explore Old Phuket Town
  • Discover the amazing dive spots
  • Enjoy Bangla Road Nightlife
  • Spend a Day (or two) on Phi Phi Island
  • Have fun with the different water sports and land sports
 Hotel Options

Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort 5 Star Resort

  • Conveniently located in Phuket, Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort is a great base from which to explore this vibrant city. Situated not too far from the city center, only 25 Km, guests are well located to enjoy the town's attractions and activities.
  • Beachfront resort
  • World class level of service
  • 25 minutes from Phuket Airport
  • Good for families (with kids club and kids pool)

Avista Hideaway Resort & Spa Phuket 5 Star Resort

  • Situated close to Patong, Avista Hideaway Resort & Spa Phuket is the perfect place to experience Phuket and its surroundings like Patong Beach and Paradise Beach. Only 2 Km away, this 5-star hotel offers easy access to Patong Beach with the shuttle service provided at no additional charge.
  • This new luxury hotel built on the hills above Patong Beach
  • Excellent luxury service
  • 40 minutes from Phuket International Airport
  • Perfect for couples and families (with kids club, kids pool and babysitting service)

Banyan Tree Phuket 5 Star Resort

  • With true five-star service and amenities, this property is consistently placed at the top of lists for resorts in Asia and around the world.
  • Beachfront resort with private beach
  • Dedicated and personalized service
  • 20 minutes from Phuket International Airport
  • Perfect for couples and families (with kids club and babysitting service)
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  • Golden Rule, never drink tap water always buy bottled, you’ll find your hotel will provide you with a bottle of water pp. Everyday, you can ask for more so empty your mini-bar fridge(place the drinks and so forth in the cupboard and stack the fridge with bottled water and drinks (turn the fridge on high).
  • Never Exchange money at the hotel, as you’ll find the exchange rate is a lot better at the Exchange booths. (some exchange booths are better than others). Make sure you count your money and ask for the receipt.
  • Local food at Local Restaurants cost around 30BHT - 70BHT a dish (not a lot of meat, but when you order a few, it will fill you up). Other Tourist Restaurants can range from 120BHT a dish to 500BHT a dish. They say eating at small local stores is a lot cheaper, authentic and the food is less likely to be off as they only have small refrigerators, unlike big restaurants that stack their food and keep it for days on end. As for Hotel food, very pricy..unless you feel like spending alot.
  • Taxi’s and Tuk Tuk’s, are usually a fixed price, where ever you go they will try to get every penny out of you, after a little bit of haggling you’ll get say 50 - 100BHT or so off the fixed price.
  • Buying stuff on the streets and local markets, everyone wants a well as every shop owner wants to get the most out of you, always ask how much they want the item for, then drop it down to 75% off the price given, do not pay anything over 50% of the price.

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