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Phu Quoc

Brief Introduction:
It's rare to find an island as unspoilt and yet so bursting with possibility as Phu Quoc Island (Phú Qu?c), which rises like an emerald from the waters off the south-west coast of Vietnam. Gorgeous scenery might be dime a dozen in Vietnam, but the landscapes on Phu Quoc belong to a different order of loveliness altogether. This is due to the island's isolation and low population, and its location smack bang in the middle of the sublimely beautiful Gulf of Thailand. Here you will find is solitude, and gorgeous scenery piled on in spades.

Situated in South Western Vietnam, Phu Quoc Island it’s known as the "Emerald Island" for its crystal sea, virgin forests, rare animals, birds and exotic plants.

Phu Quoc islands sub-equatorial climate is at its best during the November to Marchperiod, when the sunny skies dominate, with consistent temperatures around 25-28 Celsius (77-82 Fahrenheit) and lower humidity make it a great time to be here. April - June and Late Oct can be a good time to visit Phu Quoc with less crowds, cheaper prices and fairly good odds of reasonable weather. You will find that April and May are the hottest months with temperatures reaching 35 degrees and humidity around 80% to 85%. July to September is dominated by the monsoon and unless you enjoy some muddy adventure, it get can rather wet at times, though you can get lucky of course and have intermittent good weather.

 Hotel Options

La Veranda Resort Phu Quoc
Housed in a colonial style mansion, this luxury property is in the middle of a 12-mile stretch of white sand. Designed to reflect the ambiance of a colonial seaside mansion, La Veranda Resort Phu Quoc is set surrounded by tropical gardens. Located off the coast of Vietnam, the resort is a gem on Phu Quoc Island, fast becoming a tourist hot spot. A must-do is snorkeling and diving, and the concierge can arrange for both. Or if you are feeling lazy, spend a lazy day on the beach getting a massage.

  • Excellent top class hotel
  • With private beach
  • 20 minutes to the airport
  • Best for family(With babysitting service and kids pool)
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Phu Quoc Island enjoys a tropical climate and has three notable seasons: High season, shoulder season and low season.

High season is between November – March; during this period the temperature is on average about 30 degrees and sunny blue skies dominate. Shoulder season is from April – June; this is actually a good time to visit the Island as there are chances of great weather but the Island enjoys fewer crowds. July – September is low season - it's monsoon time! Unless you love muddy weather it’s perhaps not advisable to book during these months!

Phu Quoc Island is easily accessible by either boat or plane. From Ho Chi Minh City you can fly to Phu Quoc’s small airport in just 55 minutes. Vietnam Airlines run about five flights per day so there are plenty of times to choose from. You can also get to the Island by ferry – it's a much cheaper option but takes longer.

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