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Kuala Lumpur

Brief Introduction:
The capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is a huge, sprawling city with a total population in the region of seven million. The heavy humidity, high temperatures and frequent rainfall can make Kuala Lumpur weather sound like hard work but conditions can often be more comfortable than they seem on paper. The large number of modern, air-conditioned buildings and retail developments makes it easy to enjoy the city without breaking a sweat.

Rated as an alpha world city, Kuala Lumpur is the cultural, financial and economic centre of Malaysia due to its position as the capital as well as being a key city.

Weather in Kuala Lumpur is hot and humid. There are essentially two seasons. There is a dry season (May to September) and a wet season (mid-November to March). However, rain can fall at almost any time of the year. Kuala Lumpur receives rain on about 200 days of the year. Temperatures in Kuala Lumpur are fairly steady throughout the year, averaging between 22°C and 32°C. Kuala Lumpur, the federal capital city in Malaysia, enjoys a tropical rainforest climate.

Best time to go:
There is no cool season and it can rain at any time of the year. Rainstorms and thunderstorms generally come either in the morning or late afternoon. Temperatures can drop noticeably following rainfall, making things a bit more comfortable. Though Kuala Lumpur weather in May through July probably makes this the best time to visit, the city can be enjoyed at any time of the year.

 Hotel Options

Shangri-la Hotel

  • With an enviable location close to Kuala Lumpur's commercial and entertainment districts, Shangri-la Hotel is ideally placed for exploring the city. The nearby metro station connects to Chinatown and Central Market, while the shopping malls at Bukit Bintang and KLCC are easily accessible.
  • Excellent top class hotel
  • 45 minutes to the airport
  • Beachfront resort
  • Good for family(With kids pool and babysitting service)

Traders Hotel by Shangri-La

  • Traders Hotel by Shangri-La is a contemporary five-star property located right in the heart of the Kuala Lumpur city centre, next to KLCC Park and opposite the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, while the International Airport is a 45-minute drive away.
  • 45 minutes to the airport
  • Five star hotel
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Kuala Lumpur can receive rain at almost any time of the year. During the heavy monsoon weather in Kuala Lumpur (November to March), city streets can flood, bringing traffic to a standstill. Humidity ranges from 96 per cent in the mornings to 65 per cent in the evenings. Bring light, breathable clothing to minimise sweating. Long sleeves, a hat and sunglasses are recommended as the sunlight can be strong. Most shopping centres and office buildings are air-conditioned so it is easy to escape stifling mid-day heat.

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