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  • Bohol Island
    Bohol Island
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    Bellevue Resort Room View
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    Panglao Beach Bohol
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    Tagbilran Bohol
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    Bamboo Bridge

Bohol Island

Bohol is one of the most popular destinations in the Philippines because of its world-renowned Chocolate Hills, a group of unusually shaped hills in the middle of the island of Bohol in the Visayas region. This extraordinary landscape is unique to the island and there are at least 1,260 chocolate looking hills but there may be over 1,700 in the area. Bohol is also well known for its beaches and wildlife especially since it is also home to the Tarsier, one of the smallest primate in the world - this particular species are endemic to the Philippines.

Tagbiliran Airport (TAG)

Bohol is blessed to have a very pleasant tropical climate without much variation. The nicest period to visit Bohol is from November until February as this is when the climate is slightly cooler. During the summer period, from March to May, the weather can get a little hotter than usual. Summer is the best time to visit Bohol as this is when you get to see the famous Chocolate Hills in their chocolate brown color.


  • Visit the famous Chocolate Hills at Carmen, Bohol.
  • Visit the Tarsier Sanctuary to see tarsiers up-close; see how they are observed, protected, and freely living in its natural habitat.
  • Experience crossing the Sipatan River in Sevilla, Bohol through their famous bamboo hanging bridge
  • Visit the Bohol Museum, if you are into History and Arts. It offers an interesting insight into Bohol’s history, pre- and post-Spanish colonization. Among the exhibits are Boholano Art, Botanical, Zoological, and Archeological materials and artifacts that had been discovered from different parts of the island.
  • Enjoy the natural beauty of the many falls one can find in the island: Mag-Aso, Kawasan, Camugao, and Pahangog Twin.
  • Visit the Raja Sikatuna National Park developed as an eco-tourism destination. This 9,000 hectare nature reserve offers great tours for trekking. Curious and interesting lime-rock formations in some of the last remaining primary forest on Bohol caves. This is also a great opportunity to observe different animals and do bird watching.
  • Enjoy the powdery sands of Bohol’s beaches and go island hopping.
  • Catch some friendly dolphins and go on an excursion to see them firsthand.
  • Go diving in some of the best spots in Bohol and capture the abundant underwater life.
 Hotel Options

South Palms Resort (4 Star)
Visit the charm of Panglao Islands, Bohol and experience a supreme relaxation and desire in this isolated haven in which every part of your beach holiday stay will be timeless. South Palms Resort is an exceptional combination of white sand beach and private rooms and villas with a remarkable seascape. Be fascinated with the resorts architectural design which highlights the local’s talent on craftsmanship and Boholano heritage.

  • Good for couples 
  • Perfect for families (with kid’s club, kid’s pool and baby-sitting services)
  • Few steps from Bolod Beach
  • 30 – 40 minutes from TAG airport

The Bellevue Resort (5 Star)

Situated at Pangalo Island, Bohol. This luxurious resort is just 2.3 miles away from Tagbilaran Airport. While on the way to this amazing property, you get to see some of the historical landmarks of Bohol. Visualize divinely designed guestrooms with the remarkable view of the sea. The resort also prides itself for having world-class service that treats each guest as a VIP.

This resort is not just for couples but for families too as the rooms are spacious and there is a kids’ play area where kids can play foosball, playstation, etc.

  • Excellent world-class service
  • Beachfront property
  • 30 minutes from TAG airport, shopping areas, and historical sights
  • Perfect for both couples and families (with kids’ play area)

Bohol Beach Club Resort (3 Star)

Known to be Bohol’s first resort and now known as the newest as it was just renovated last December 2013. This lovely resort now has new rooms, restaurants, facilities, enhanced cuisines and the true hospitality of Boholanos. The resort’s vast 1.5 km white-sand beach front in Bario Bolod permits easy access to the island’s finer dive spots, while offering a relaxing sunbathing and swimming setting for guests who prefer not to venture out.

  • Friendly and accommodating staffs
  • Beachfront property
  • 30 – 40 minutes from TAG airport, shopping areas and historical sights
  • Mostly suited for couples

Amorita Resort 5 Star Resort

An intimate resort in Panglao Island Bohol. This resort is different from the other resorts in Bohol as it is the oly property which provides a picture-perfect view of the Bohol Sea during sunset and a view of Siquijor Island on the island. Every guest can spoil themselves with a selection of recreational activities. Amorita is not only a place for leisure but can also be a place for business as the resort offers meeting/banquet spaces. The property is also family oriented as they have a children’s playground for the kids and a massage service for the adults. If you wish to relax by the beach or swim and do some snorkeling, Alona Beach is just a few steps away.

  • 45 minutes from TAG airport, shopping areas and historical sights
  • 35 minutes’ drive to Loboc River
  • 40 minutes’ drive to the Tarsier Sanctuary.
  • 70 minutes’ drive to the famous Chocolate Hills
  • Perfect for families (with weekly activities organized for kids)

The Peacock Garden (5 Star)

A boutique hotel and spa on the island of Baclayon, Bohol. The location of the resort is at the hilltop of Baclayon town. Due to its location, guests get to experience and see the stunning sight of the Bohol Sea. The property has a touch of European design that is classy and glamorous, yet still has the feel of the Filipino hospitality. The resort is just about 10.5 km away from the Tagbilaran Airport which makes it much more accessible to its guests.

  • 15 minutes from TAG airport
  • Intimate yet world-class setting
  • Perfect for adults/couples

Amun Ini Beach Resort & Spa (5 Star)

Set on a 3 hectare beachfront property. This resort will make you feel that you are still home. With an eccentric view of the crystal clear blue sea, blessed with a 15 kilometer long coral reef with abundant marine life, Amun Ini provides endless attractions for snorkeling and diving aficionados. This resort offers mountain bikes as well for those who wish to explore the surrounding hills and villages.

  • 2 hours’ drive from TAG airport
  • Offers a private beach area
  • Perfect for couples and for families who seeks relaxation and wants their children to be closer to nature


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Insider Tips for your visit to Bohol (Philippines)

  • For guests coming from Western Countries, a maximum of 30 days’ complimentary tourist visa will be given provided that their passport is still valid for 6 months and they have a valid return ticket.
  • Guests coming from non-western countries such as India, Pakistan, China and most African countries require visa before entry. We strongly advice for you to get your visa from the nearest Philippine Embassy from your point of origin. (Please visit for more information)
  • Do put only a small amount of money in your wallet. A couple of hundred pesos are enough to pay for all the snacks and small souvenirs you can buy on a day.
  • Don't carry large amounts of cash with you. If you have to carry larger amounts, keep it very close to your body, in a place where it cannot be reached without removing your clothes. A money belt under your pants is often a good suggestion.
  • In most places ATM's are reliable and they are often guarded, however, don't use them at late hours, and don't allow others to look over your shoulder or see where you put your money.
  • Don't wear jewelry -- chain snatchers sometimes operate on local buses and jeepneys.
  • Don't show out with your wealth. Keep cameras, etc. in unsuspicious looking bags, not in flashy camera bags. Only bring them out if you want to photograph something.
  • Do carry a number of photocopies of important documents such as your passport and airplane tickets, so that you have the details handy in case the real ones get missing. Of course, keep them separate from your real documents.
  • Travel light. Don't bring more than a single small bag that you can keep in sight. In the tropical climate you need only a few sets of light clothes, and you can have them washed at almost every hotel.
  • Though most of the resorts provide insect repellents it is still highly recommended for you to bring your own and have it handy as most of the resorts are also surrounded by lush vegetation.
  • Don’t forget to have fun! You are on vacation so kick back, relax, and let your worries while away.

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